Technical day at CESVI FRANCE

What a BUZZ on 12 March 2024 at the CESVI FRANCE !

The entire LBS Les Bonnes Solutions Team at our CESVI France partner technology center.

It’s always a pleasure to attend the various workshops presented and to talk to our customers and partners at these information-packed technical days.

3D Printing

Shock repair

Plastic repair

ADAS on piste

Also very interesting was the workshop on hydrogen repair, a real alternative and a new mobility solution that requires new repair practices.

Last but not least, the BUZZ of the day…the crash test of the Volskwagen ID Buzz!

CESVI crash tests are carried out according to precise specifications that enable us to generate a complete study of the repairability of the models tested. In the case of the ID Buzz, the vehicle is shocked at the front and rear, at a fixed speed of around 15km/h, and at a well-defined angle/position of impact. The CESVI team then analyses the damage to the vehicle and carries out the repair in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations, drawing up indicators for COVEA, parent company of the technocentre:

– repair time
– cost of parts and consumables
– technical requirements for repairs
(equipment, tools)

The results of these crash tests are also used by CESVI France to share technical studies, repair methods and tutorials online, providing assistance to repairer and expert networks by giving them access to over 4,000 documents.

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